Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Thank you Friend

Assalammualaikum guys. .
How are you. .?
Me.?I'm fine here.. 
Worried not to me. .:D
#Bahasa Drama

Finally. .Exam finishhhh..
Now. .me don't know what to do since exam already finished..

And you know what is the day last 4th of November. .?
That was my birthday date...
Now me already 19....

#Rasa Macam Banyak Salah Grammar Laa...
Peduli lahh...
At least, I'm trying..
Tiada ilmu yang boleh terus berjaya diperoleh..
Need to learn more and practice more..
Baru la perfecttt...

Bah2 ..About my birthday..
Thank you to my classmates and to not my classmates...
Sebab wish my birthday. .
walaupun bukan besar-besaran. .
But sangat-sangat berterima kasihh.. .

Walaupun time elaun belum masuk. .
Some of my classmates gave me something as a present.
Here is it..

From Mira and Izzah. .Thank you girls. .<3

From Kaduk. .Thank you. .

This year, Me only got those things.. 
But I really appreciated it..
Thank you again...

Bah2.. Thank you to Hasfiyah. .
One of my best friend...
Because "belanja" me Pizza.. 
She said that. .
To consider that Pizza as a present for my birthday ..
Thank you to her..

There nothing else to say. .Just I really2 thank you to all my friend who had wished for my birthday..
Thank you. .

To Isma. .Thank you dear..
You are the second wisher. .
Thank you so much. .:D

Okay la..Enough for now.. 
Assalammualaikum guys. .
And wish me good luck in exam ya. .
Thank you. .
Love you all..
MuahMuah. .

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