Thursday, 1 November 2012

2 More Subject

Assalammualaikum. .
How are you.. ?
I'm here just fine but a little bit stress..
Why stress??
Because now we having an exam. .

I need to pass this exam in order to continue my study to degree..
Guys, pray for me. .:D
Thank you. .Love you all. .Hehe

2 paper more..
This coming Monday and Tuesday..
After that 2 days. .
Yepee. .Independence Day for me. .Haha

But this 2 paper is a killer paper for me. .
Why is it so. ?
This is because. .I don't know why. .Haha
Monday , EST, It is about literature..
#I Don't Like Literature..
Tuesday, SST, about general knowledge..
#Need To Know Everything

I will do the best. .Will try do the best. .
Then " pasrah". .Hehe

Okay la. .enough for today. .
Love you all..
Later i update ya. .:D
Sayang you all. Hehe

Assalammualaikum. .

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