Monday, 22 October 2012

Trying is better than do nothing

Assalammualaikum. .
Hi you all. .Have a nice day ya. .
I want to try using English in my post today.

Something BIG will be coming..
What is it. .?
Here i tell you. .
Exam is coming soon. .

I wish i can score well in this final exam. .
In order to do the best and score well in this exam..
i need to study smart and study well. .
Wish me good luck guys.
I will do the best. .

Doing revision. .:D

Good luck for you, friend

i want my result for this exam like this. .

Do NOT disturb me when i'm doing my revision. .Hihi

I need to release out all my knowledge that i got this three semester.
#Why i feel my grammar is wrong up there? Hahaha

I need to practice to communicate in English because i am a TESL-ian student. .
At least, i try than do nothing to improve myself. .

Enough for today. .Later i will update ya..
Wish me good luck. .
Good night and good morning ..
#To readers who read my blog, morning or night. :D
Apa punya sentence lah ya. ?

Here some photo for you all, readers, to enjoy. .


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